Direct Glazing

Body Repair – Direct glazing sealant, for rubber-mounted screens.

TEROSON® RB 4100 is a butyl rubber-based sealant with a low solvent content. The product exhibits good sealing properties in joints between window frames, rubber window mouldings and motor vehicle glazing. It is ideal for emergency sealing on all vehicles with rubber-mounted screens and is applicable even on wet surfaces and gaps. It can be easily removed; any excess material can be easily dabbed off from glass and paintwork. Use any type of professional dispensing tool with a piston rod for application, for example the TEROSON® ET STAKU HAND GUN.

  • Applicable even on wet surfaces and gaps
  • No surface preparation necessary
  • Easy to remove, easy to clean (swabable)
  • Sticks to all surfaces
  • Permanently plastic material, resistant to ageing and weathering