Direct Glazing

Body Repair – Direct glazing, all-in-one glass primer/activator to promote adhesion of direct glazing adhesives/sealants.

TEROSON® PU 8519 P is an all-in-one glass primer and activator to be used prior to windscreen bonding. It promotes adhesion and UV protection of direct glazing adhesives / sealants.Used for application on glass, paint, ceramics and encapsulated screens. Re-activating of existing, cut back direct glazing material possible. Use TEROSON® ET PRIMER APPLS to apply a uniform layer of the product. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 100 and TEROSON® ET SPONGE recommended.

  • Evaporation time: approx. 2 min., even in cold environment; for 2-component direct glazing products: 15 min.
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Adhesion promotion
  • Activation of cut beads (after more than 2 h open)
  • Corrosion prevention