Parts Cleaner

Parts Cleaner - air conditioning system cleaning and sanitising spray. Non-toxic disinfectant. Fresh menthol eucalyptus fragrance.

LOCTITE® SF 7080 is a multi-purpose sanitising spray. The product exerts two biocidal effects on a wide spectrum of bacteria, gram + and gram – (including microbacteria and legionitis), resistant acid bacillus, fungi (leaven and mould), and lyophilic virus. Unpleasant odours caused by microorganisms, smoking, etc. will be neutralized. After treatment, a fresh menthol and eucalyptus aroma remains. The product does not damage or stain fabrics or fittings.

  • Air conditioning system cleaner and sanitiser
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi and virusesin air and on contaminated surfaces
  • Non-toxic disinfectant
  • Fresh menthol eucalyptus fragrance