Plastic Repair

Body Repair – Plastic repair adhesive: the fast one. 2-component polyurethane, pot life two min.

TEROSON® PU 9225 SF ME is a 2-component fast-curing repair adhesive. It is typically used for repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plastic parts, in particular for smaller damages such as scratches or holes in bumpers, spoilers, aprons, etc. No H351 risk phrase due to the micro-emission property. The product can be cured with infrared light at 60°C. Easy application with the TEROMIX HAND GUN (50 ml cartridges) and anappropriate static mixer. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 20 recommended.

  • Recommended for repair areas smaller than 7 cm
  • Excellent sandability
  • Superior adhesion on plastics (use adhesion promoter TEROSON 150)
  • Overpaintable with all car paint systems (use adhesion promoter)
  • Improved health & safety due to micro-emission properties