TEROSON body fillers is replacing the Plastic Padding range. TEROSON has a long-established history of vehicle repair and is already well respected within the OEM and car repair markets, making it a perfect fit for the now re-branded Plastic Padding range.

See how the Plastic Padding range has developed into TEROSON and the range of products available by watching our video below.

Same technology, new name

TEROSON professional body fillers come in a range of specifications for all your body repair needs, turning back time and making everything as good as new.

The re-branded body filler range will be part of TEROSON’s continued product development strategy. This includes developing new technologies like the new TEROSON UP 270 Flowable Filler. This filler comes in a handy pouch making it easy to mix, super smooth and boasting self-levelling properties.

This includes fillers specifically designed for closing pin holes, elastic unsaturated filler to eliminate cracking and flaking, all-purpose emergency filler with resistance to oil and water, filler used for repairing dents and scratches and gelcoat filler for finishing boat hulls and glass fibre panels.

TEROSON body fillers also have the advantage of being exceptionally fine in texture and perfectly suited to smoothing rough surfaces and can also be used as a final layer after body repair.

To see how easy it is to mix TEROSON body filler with hardener, by watching how our how-to video below –

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Please click here for an overview chart TEROSON v. Plastic Padding.