Movie demonstrates the power of new Hybrid Structural Bonding

Actions often speak louder than words and its certainly true when it comes to proving the huge application potential of structural bonding.

Although a structural bonded joint is often substantially stronger and more durable than one that is mechanically or thermally joined, the technology still has its doubters.  So, to prove just what its latest LOCTITE hybrid adhesive technology can do, Henkel has created a demonstration of epic proportions.

We hired a train to show that a structurally bonded coupler is strong enough to pull freight wagons with a combined weight of 208 tons.

All it took was an appropriately designed coupling, 3g of the new LOCTITE HY 4070 hybrid adhesive and just one hour of cure time.  The result was a joint that held firm in the presence of huge stress loads caused by the train travelling at speed, along uneven tracks, up hills and over bridges.  The steel plates bent but the joint never failed. Check out the YouTube online: