All repair and maintenance tasks shown should be done by professionals only. Please do not try this at home or if not qualified by professional education. Always follow car manufacturer's instructions. Limitation of liability.

Replace a windscreen

Use it for windscreens that show glass damages

A windscreen is a very important component with respect to the overall structure of the car body. It improves structural stiffness and provides protection of the passengers. The direct glazing adhesive used in the replacement is the only means of holding the windscreen to the car body.

Get the Materials

In our repair shown we will be using TEROSON PU 8597 HMLC with a drive-away time European Crash test standard of 1h. But any other suitable direct glazing material can be used. Please carefully consider curing time for safe drive-away time and if pre-heating is needed! Check upfront if the new windscreen fits.


General Cleaning

Clean away all dirt and grime from the new windscreen using TEROSON VR 100 glass cleaner. Check new windscreen for damage and scratches



It is recommended to abrade the bondline using a smooth abrasive pad (e.g. our new TEROSON ET Cleaning Sponge) in order to achieve better adhesion of the primer and remove any silicone residues.



After abrading, wipe the surface with TEROSON VR 100 and the TEROSON ET Cleaning Sponge and a lint-free cloth.


Cartridge Preparation

Remove the bottom of the lid and pierce the top membrane to open the cartridge. Consider if the adhesive you use needs to be pre-heated!


Primer Application

Use primer to enhance the adhesion. Before opening, shake primer botte for at least 1 minute. Apply primer with felt applicator or our primer applicator in one pass.


Remove old windscreen

Use the correct tools to remove the windscreen, e.g. the new TEROSON ET MultiCut Tool. Remove all dirt on the frame using TEROSON VR 20 and a lint-free cloth before trimming back the remaining bead.


Preparation body frame

Trim back the remaining bead evenly. In case of damaged paint, apply primer TEROSON PU 8519 P to small areas to prevent corrosion. Place the new screen in the cleaned body frame to make sure that the new windscreen fits.


Adjusting bead height

Choose and adjust the applicator nozzle to the correct height: final bead height = flange height (x) plus 2 mm.


Applying adhesive bead

To achieve an optimal shape, move the nozzle at a right angle to the horizontally positioned screen. It is recommended that the cartridge content is extruded in one pass.


Installing windscreen

Install the windscreen. For vertically positioned windscreens, we recommend using TEROSON VR 5080 fix & repair tape to keep the windscreen in position. Let adhesive cure based on safe drive-away time. Congratulations! You are done!


Driving Assistance

Ensure the driving assistance systems are calibrated. Follow the car manufacturer's instructions for re-calibration of the safety systems

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