All repair and maintenance tasks shown should be done by professionals only. Please do not try this at home or if not qualified by professional education. Always follow car manufacturer's instructions. Limitation of liability.

Seam Sealing

with traditional textured beads

Sealing applications in the automotive industry have increased significantly during recent years. Learn everything you need to know about seam sealing in vehicle body repair from the use of standard beads to reproduction of OEM textures.

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In vehicle repair it is crucial to reproduce the same quality and visual appearance provided by the original OEM seams to avoid corrosion. With the below instruction you can recreate traditional textured seams with spray seam sealing / spray surface coating.


Preparation Cartridge

Remove bottom cover and open cartridge. Screw dispensing nozzle (inner nozzle) onto cartridge.


Attach air cap

Insert the cartridge into the spray gun and screw on blue screw collar. Screw air cap fully into the blue screw.


Using the air gun

Adjusting the compressed air gun and the screws - the supply pressure must be at least 6 bar (max. 10 bar). Start the closed sealant flow and open air flow completely. Position gun towards the substrate and press trigger. Slowly open sealant flow to get base structure (different ratios of sealant and air supply will produce the required texture).


Spray seam sealing

Hold the nozzle in the vertical position and move at a right angle to the seam about 4 cm above the surface. In case of overspray adjust distance. Let the product cure.


Spray surface coating

For coating larger areas adjust distance to the surface of approx. 20 cm. Let the product cure.

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