The usage of the correct polishing pad is essential to ensure the best performance of the product. Also, when using the wrong pad (too hard or too soft) visual marks / imperfections can occur in combination with the polishing paste.

Use TEROSON WX 157 as the low viscosity of the product is perfect for the lambswool pad.

The Protection layer on the paint created by TEROSON WX 189 will keep the surface glossy for longer and will prevent fast weathering of the surface. Also, to keep new car paint gloss for longer, TEROSON WX 189 may be used. 

Before polishing, make sure that the paint refinish job is done to your satisfaction and that the to be polished surface has room temperature (please keep in mind not to polish hot surfaces). Additionally, to polish new refinished paint surfaces we suggest using a medium hard pad  (TEROSON ET 192) to allow for softer polishing action.

There are possibilities to use TEROSON WX 159 as one step product only. The working steps will be to use firstly a hard pad and then finish with the soft pad. Please only use this approach for light colours, because the same application on dark colours might result in holograms.

TEROSON WX 178 gives a perfect shine and gloss to the surface. Additional benefit is that you can remove holograms from dark colours by only using a rotational polisher with TEROSON ET 193.

Each product line is a combination of different products to meet customers preferable needs and working behaviours. The classic line is based on a compound with a stable grain (TEROSON WX 150). The All Purpose line is based on an diminishing grain and the Premium line contains the newest technologie - agglomerate-based grain. This latest technologie enables new ways to work, faster with less product consumption and up to three working steps with one product (The agglomerate-based grain breaks done to a finer grain, combining the Compounding and Polishing step into one).