All paintable plastics can be repaired with the TEROSON Plastic Repair Kit.

The V-groove increases the surface area for bonding.

Yes, the grinding dust can be removed from the component with oil- and condensate-free compressed air. Subsequent cleaning with TEROSON VR 20 is absolutely essential.

Thinners and brake cleaners may reduce adhesion strength and are thus unsuitable for substrate pre-treatment. TEROSON VR 20 has been specially developed for pre-treating substrates for bonding.

Yes, in order to achieve the desired bond strength. For TEROSON plastic repairs, TEROSON 150 Primer must be used.

The flash-off time for TEROSON 150 Primer is roughly 10 minutes and cannot be accelerated.

Efficient mixing of two adhesive components depends on the design of the static mixer and the number of required mixing cycles within the mixer. These factors determine the mixer length.

By applying heat (max. 60°C surface temperature). Use infrared light or heaters with a surface thermometer.

Using a hot-air gun is not recommended as there is no guarantee of a uniform application of heat. Use infrared light or heaters with a surface thermometer (component surface temperature max. 60°C).