Underbody Coating

Body Repair – Corrosion protection: underbody wax, bitumen-free.

TEROSON® WX 970 is an anti-corrosion wax for covering existing vehicle underbody areas and repairing and preserving all protective underbody coatings. It is especially designed for touch-up and post-treatment tasks. The product is bitumen-free and stops water penetration. Easy application with the TEROSON® ET UBC GUN or the TEROSON® ET UBC MULTI SPRAY GUN.

  • Covering of cracks in existing underbody coatings
  • Stops water penetration
  • Builds layers of up to 1 mm in one application step
  • Can be used on coatings based on PVC, PVC wax, bitumen/rubber and rubber/resin
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Bitumen-free