Cavity Conservation

Body Repair – Corrosion protection: water-based cavity wax and anti-corrosive agent, good creeping qualities, high temperature resistance.

TEROSON WT 450 AQUA is water-based cavity wax and an anti-corrosion agent with good creeping properties. It is ideal for protecting all cavities in the engine compartment or e.g. in doors, pillars and sills. The product has built-in corrosion inhibitors, is VOC-free and has no unpleasant odour. No cracking or dripping in extreme temperatures. Best application results are achieved with the TEROSON ET CC CUP AIR GUN with different probes to reach all cavities.

  • For protection of all cavities in the engine compartments
  • For protection of all cavities, e.g. doors, pillars, sills
  • Can be used on coatings based on PVC, PVC wax, bitumen/rubber and rubber/resin
  • Good creeping qualities
  • Built-in corrosion inhibitor
  • VOC-free, no unpleasant solvent odour