Clean, abrade and clean again. Alternatively, you may use our new abrasive TEROSON ET Cleaning Sponge which cleans and abrades in one step.

The surface must be free of oil, dust, grease and other dirt. It must be dry.

Thinners and brake cleaners may reduce adhesion strength and are thus unsuitable for substrate pre-treatment. Use for example TEROSON VR 20 which has been specially developed for pre-treating substrates for bonding.

Yes, the flange should be cleaned to prevent renewed contamination of the bead.

No, a freshly trimmed bead is ideal for re-bonding.

The remaining material only has to be primed if it was trimmed more than 6 hours earlier.

When the new paint has been baked, wait at least 24 hours before re-glazing the window.

If the bead was trimmed more than 6 hours earlier, it should be cleaned with TEROSON VR 20. After this, at least 10 minutes flash-off time must be allowed before priming with TEROSON PU 8519 P.