Activators accelerate the full cure of anaerobic products. Activators are recommended for:

- bonding at below 5°C and
- application on inactive materials, e.g. stainless steel and aluminium, and chromated or zinc-alloyed surfaces.

The threadlocking adhesive should be applied in the bottom third of the blind hole.

Locking screws after preassembly is possible with LOCTITE 290. This product has very good capillary action.

Liquid threadlocking adhesives, e.g. LOCTITE 243, are anaerobic adhesives that cure in the absence of air. The product therefore cures between the mating threads, while the escaping product stays liquid.

Threaded assemblies locked with low- and medium-strength products can usually be released with normal tools. Threaded assemblies locked with high-strength products should be heated to roughly 300°C.