Thinners and brake cleaners may reduce adhesion strength and are thus unsuitable for substrate pre-treatment. TEROSON VR 20 has been specially developed for pre-treating substrates for bonding.

TEROSON EP 5055 / TEROSON EP 5065 are both high-strength, impact-resistant structural adhesive based on epoxy resin. The highest-strength bonds are achieved on bare metal surfaces. It is also possible to bond electrocoated panels and GRP parts.

Make sure that all areas sanded down to the bare metal are wetted before joining the parts. This is a reliable way of preventing corrosion.

In their fresh, uncured state, the bonded panels can be positioned with pressure spot welding. Please consider the vehicle manufacturers' repair manuals though.

Any commercially available dispensers with a piston rod (pneumatic, electric or manual) can be used.

Press out both component until they both run equally. Make sure to not use the first 5 cm of the mixed product.